Die “Montado” Korkeichenwälder in Portugal – Eine Reise in Bildern

The “Montado” cork oak forests in Portugal – A journey in pictures

There is something fascinating about cork. A natural raw material from the bark of the cork oak that can be used as a material for bags, wallets, for bottle corks, for floors and for decoration. A trip to the country of origin of the material in our bags and wallets took us to the so-called “Montados”, the cork oak forests of Portugal . The cork oak forests are cultural landscapes that line the hills and valleys of Portugal. Our impressions of a tour through this beautiful landscape can be found here.

By harvesting the bark of the cork oaks and processing the sustainable raw material cork, we support the reforestation of the "Montado" cork oak forests and prevent the desertification of the landscape. A home for many rare and endangered animal and plant species, which must be maintained.

You can find more information about cork here.

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