Our values

What makes us different? - From the design to the materials to the manufacture of the finished models, the following values ​​are particularly important to us.


We developed MATES OF NATURE because we couldn't find the combination of beautiful designs with the claim to our values ​​anywhere before. That's why we simply founded the label ourselves. Fair, sustainable and environmentally friendly but without compromising on style requirements. Our models are thoughtful, handpicked designs that we designed for the discerning, conscious and urban woman. Wear sophisticated fashion with a clear conscience; that is our goal.


Animal cruelty free

We have been certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as an Approved Vegan Partner. As an animal-friendly label, all our models are vegan and free from animal materials. As a matter of principle, we do not use leather, silk, horn, down or other animal materials. We produce with standards and awareness for people and animals.

nature based

We use largely and increasingly sustainable resources and materials - without compromising on quality and design standards. Other textiles and materials, such as Leather, for example, is usually dyed with toxic chemicals at the expense of people and the environment. We produce with awareness and understanding of our environment and the planet.


We make use of selected and high-quality materials from nature for the basis of our models. Cork is obtained from the bark of the cork oak and as a textile is both robust, durable, water-resistant and dirt-repellent as well as velvety soft, light and flexible. Cork is therefore an ideal basis for handbags and wallets .


Fairly made & shipped

Fair working conditions, fair wages, no child labor - we manufacture in the EU according to the highest quality guidelines in cooperation with a small traditional company in Portugal. We pay attention to recyclable and economical packaging. With DHL GoGreen we ensure climate-friendly domestic shipping.

Produced locally

Without exploitative trade structures, our production in Portugal also strengthens the regions to which we owe our raw materials, i.e. cork. By using cork textiles, we promote the expansion and reforestation of cork oak forests.


The implementation of the designs is the result of careful manual work in a small traditional company in Portugal, the country of origin of cork.

Find more information about cork , about us and our promise to you here .