Our promise to you

MATES OF NATURE - the name is a statement for nature, for the environment, for design, for fashion, for creativity, for quality and for friendship. Everything that excites us in life. For us, our promise to you is not a PR or marketing strategy, but a transparent overall concept.

A big focus of our work and the products is on our design. For the open, demanding, urban woman, we want to create special fashion with style, attention to detail, lightness and femininity.

With the basic ecological idea and all our values ​​in mind, we do our best to make our private life, but also MATES OF NATURE, as sustainable as possible.

But we are not perfect. Again and again we notice things that can be made more environmentally friendly, more sustainable or greener. Sometimes we find a solution quickly and implement improvements immediately, others take longer or are associated with high costs. Sometimes we have to make compromises here. We overlook some things that you notice. Are you also MATES OF NATURE and share your suggestions for improvement and ideas with us. We hope that our attitude will make our values ​​a matter of course in the future.

In addition to the design aspects and the values ​​of our work, we also want to bring a high degree of corporate responsibility. This includes our conscious decision to produce in Europe. The designs are implemented in cooperation with a small traditional company in Portugal - the country of origin of cork. The high quality and proven Portuguese craftsmanship tradition can live on. Due to the production in Portugal, the distances remain short and the C02 footprint small.

We stand behind MATES OF NATURE wholeheartedly. As “friends of nature” we also work on our relationship, just like with normal friendships. That is our goal and our promise to you. With a clear conscience not only to maintain our friendship with nature, but to let it grow!

Find more information about cork , our values ​​and about us here.